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A Journey of Discovery Unlike Any Other

Adventure, mystery and a touch of romance meet thought-provoking spiritual ideas in this work of visionary fiction by award-winning author, Eileen Patra. 

The action begins on page one when Elena Rowan, an accomplished artist and photo journalist, joins a small team of explorers who make a startling discovery in a remote area of the Sahara Desert. Escaping grave danger, they stumble upon one of the most sought-after artifacts of all time, The Ark of the Covenant. But it is not the Ark that is startling, it is the unexpected contents. What follows is a journey of self-discovery, reflection, danger, and transformation.

“The people, the places, and the visions are so vivid that you will feel one with the journey.  Readers will have questions and ‘aha’ moments within the story and then it goes deeper and even more fascinating.” Donna Adinolfi, Mindful Adventures.

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Eileen Patra, is an award-winning author, ordained Unity Minister, and inspiring guest speaker. In 2014 Eileen received the Ruth M. Mosley Award for Outstanding Achievement in Ministry. She has published dozens of spiritually-themed articles in local periodicals, online journals, and via her blog at

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