Eileen Patra’s The Mystical Ark is a masterful first novel.  The superb writing tells a powerful and engrossing story on multiple levels.  First there is just a darn good novel, part mystery, part history, amazing art, some interesting politics and part love story.  The writing and pace, is relaxed, smooth, seamless and a delight to read.  The deepest level of the story is spiritual, and yet it is told in such a way that it doesn’t detract in any way from the story line or preach, but rather enlivens the story on a whole other level.  I believe this book will stimulate people’s love of their spiritual potential and hope for our world.  It calls to that place within our souls where we remember who we are, believe in our limitless potential and know that miracles happen.  I am a Spiritual Healer and teacher who is a lover of mystery novels, and it is a rare treat to find a book that hits so beautifully on both levels.  Well done Eileen!

– Eve Wilson

Author Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing & Spiritual Growth for Our World

A Magical Journey Awaits!

You’ll be enthralled by the adventure of The Mystical Ark from the start.  It’s one of those novels that you want to keep reading as it’s filled with intrigue, romance, imagination, wonder and spirituality.

Ms. Patra created depth with her characters and readers may find that they connect with one.  The people, the places, and the visions are so vivid that you will feel one with the journey.  Readers will have questions and ‘aha’ moments within the story and then it goes deeper and even more fascinating. 

Alas, all will be revealed. 

This breakout novel is a tour de force.  Your only question at the end will be … where to next?

Donna Adinolfi
CEO, Mindful Adventures


So compelling and so well-written … I got caught up in the story. [Ms. Patra] has created an important spiritual message; I hope that message becomes widespread through the publication of The Mystical Ark: A Vessel of Blessings.

Bill Worth,
Retired Newspaper Editor,
Author & Unity Minister


The Mystical Ark: A Vessel of Blessings by Eileen Patra is a novel that blends different genres into one story—adventure, visionary, and mystery, with strong spiritual themes. Photographer Elena Rowan and her archaeologist friend, Zak Erdmann, are on a summer field expedition when they make a stunning discovery in the Sahara Desert. They discover one of the most precious artifacts of all time—the legendary Ark of the Covenant. What makes the discovery even more puzzling isn’t just the Ark but what it contains. Contrary to popular belief that the Ark contained the tablets of the Ten Commandments, what they discover is a portal into another dimension. And thus begins a spiritual adventure that will excite and transport readers.

Eileen Patra’s novel is original and beautifully written, combining elements of ancient Jewish lore with the exciting landscapes that depict the setting, an environment that suggests mystery, just like the world in which the Ark of the Covenant was built. The writing is atmospheric and there is a lot of suspense that reinforces the sense of intrigue permeating the writing. The characters have depth and they are elaborately developed, with traits that accentuate their humanity. The quest for knowledge is exhibited by the key characters, a quest that slowly reveals a deeper, spiritual longing. This is an intelligently plotted story that will remind readers of an ancient heritage. In The Mystical Ark: A Vessel of Blessings the author develops a spellbinding, pulsating story. It’s a book you can’t put down.

 Romuald Dzemo
Readers’ Favorite

Exciting, Inspiring Novel

This exciting, inspiring novel swings right into action. Readers will not need to wait to get into the exploits with this story.  Elena is an artist who works occasionally with an archeological team. This adventure is one in a lifetime and brings all sorts of blessings and some disturbing questions, too.

The book is a wonderful mixture of mystery, suspense, action adventure, humor, and a sprinkling of fantasy.  Readers will join Elena on a journey of discovery unlike any other… 

This is a hard book to put down. The cast is dynamic and always learning, planning, questioning and acting. This book is highly recommended for adults and teenagers who enjoy a thought-provoking adventure.  Released just in time for summer reading, wise readers will grab a copy for their beach bags and enjoy the journey.

Janice L. Smith
Book Reviewer